International partnerships - Women rangers form the Kimberley and Mexico

International Partnerships

Connecting the world’s Indigenous people through forging stronger networks has been one of our priorities at the Kimberley Land Council.

Through connecting with Indigenous land and sea managers from across the globe, we can share stories, conservation models, successes, failures and social achievements so we can continually improve the work we do in the Kimberley.

Our idea for an international network started to gain momentum when the Australian Government hosted the World Indigenous Network Conference in 2013 in collaboration with New Zealand, Brazil and Norway.

The aim of the WIN Conference was to showcase the important role Indigenous people play in the protection and management of the world’s natural resources through using their traditional knowledge, cultural values and strong connection to country.

Through the sharing of experiences, the conference highlighted the value of having Indigenous people involvement in land management and the necessary role they play. The Equator Initiative has taken carriage of the WIN network and is continuing to connect Indigenous people from across the world through coordinating knowledge exchanges, forums and discussions.

Indigenous-led conservation initiatives are collectively having a major impact in mitigating environmental challenges while leading a new frontier in global preservation and cultural maintenance.

Since the WIN conference, we have continued to build strong networks with Indigenous people from across the globe. Through attending the United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues in May 2014, we were able to connect with Indigenous people from Tanzania, Spain, New Zealand and the Pacific to form long-lasting friendships.

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